Sebastian Findeisen​​​

Assistant Professor, University of Mannheim

Curriculum Vitae

Information on Bachelor Theses

The number of bachelor theses which can be supervised is limited. Therefore not all requests can be accepted. Students should propose a topic which we will then narrow down together. Requests for supervision should be accompanied by a current transcript.

Requirements for Thesis

The bachelor thesis' aim is to autonomously elaborate the given topic on the basis of contemporary literature, which was discussed with the supervisor. A very good thesis should 

  • survey the relevant literature for this topic autonomously, and
  • develop at least one own original thought not yet presented in the literature.

Before writing a thesis the participation in a literature research course by the library "Ehrenhof" is recommended.

For further information and formal requirements, see the "Guidelines for Bachelor theses" by the Department of Economics at the University of Mannheim. The department also offers counseling on how to write a thesis, please see  for further information.